per month
  • 5 x 10
  • 50 Square Feet
  • Compare to Walk-in Closet
  • Store a lawnmower
  • Store seasonal equipment



per month
  • 10 x 10
  • 100 Square Feet
  • Compare to Small Bedroom
  • Store Furniture
  • Store Inventory from business



per month
  • 10 x 20
  • 200 Square Feet
  • Compare to Garage
  • Store Car
  • Store A LOT OF STUFF!
Clean, Affordable Units

Our Self Storage location is new, and very clean, making it the #1 choice in the area. Reserving your unit is as simple as a phone call or email message.
Call (519) 417-1977 to reserve your storage unit or email us at

What Fits In Each Unit

Our Storage Solutions Experts can help you decide what size and type of unit works for you. We have 4 unit sizes to choose from available. Whether you need a small unit for a few months, or a large unit for a move or business storage, we will help.
Be sure to visit our what fits in each unit page to help you decide which to choose. The following is a guide to get you started.

Packing and Storage Tips

No one wants to store their valued items and come back to broken and damaged items. How you pack, or store your items is important.
Check out our packing and storage tips page.